Practical assistance


We are always seeking opportunities to work as a team on practical tasks that make a real difference in the local community on either a regular or one off basis.

Recent tasks have included:

2015 – Fence painting at Park School, Aylesbury

2014 – Ground clearance for the Wendover based charity Lindengate

2013 – Wall demolition at Queens Park Arts Centre, Aylesbury (where a few years ago we also painted the railings)

In 2010 with the assistance of Aylesbury Vale District Council and community volunteers we made an unsuccessful attempt for an entry in to the Guinness Book of Records – no matter, there will be an annual reminder of our glorious failure in the form of a blaze of colour in Vale Park Aylesbury where we planted several thousand crocuses in an hour. Staying on a floral theme we also planted daffodils on several of the main roads in to Aylesbury.

For many years we made a regular contribution to the work of the Calibre Audio Library.